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Core Patents

RGTR NO. 10_1383285 Manufaring Method and Use for Solid Dosage Form Perforator
RGTR NO. 10_0993477 Rapid Dissolution type micro-perforator for Drug Delivery and Other Usage
) RGTR NO. 10_1264334 Solid Dosage Form Perforator Containing Drug Particles or Drugabsorbed
RGTR NO. 10_1061975 Array of Rapid Dissolution Type Micro-perforator for Drug Delivery and Other Usages
International Application PCT_US2013_035101 Array of Dissolution Type Micro-needle for Delivery of Vaccine through Oral Mucosa
International Application PCT_US2012_062499 Dissolution Type Solid Dosage Form Perforator Patch for Treatment of Migraine


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